Anwar Carrots of Carrots, by Anwar Carrots
“Precision Design today is what Spango and Terry Jones brought to the table for Elio Fiorucci back in the late 70s and 80s (do your research). Happy to collaborate with a group of blossoming graphic designers & illustrators that I feel the world should know about.”

Chi Ume of Blue Hill
“PDG knows exactly what they’re doing. With their patient care and attentive eye, my seed of an idea blossomed into what Blue Hill is today. I only like to work with the best of the best, and they set a new bar for me every time we work together.”

Spliff of Posture Apparel
“PDG’s “jack of all trades” quality is what separates them from the rest. Working with this team has allowed my ideas to take a serious leap, as they ended up touching all of the bases and more. Not only did they deeply understand the brief to work on all of our requests, but they also took creative risks to create something with intention and value. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best of both worlds.”

The Act Right Brand
“The execution, consistency and reliability from the PDG team is truly top tier. It’s a good feeling to know whenever I work with them, they continue to exceed my expectations and confidently bring my vision to life.”

“What a special experience from start to finish. It felt so personal working with PDG because of how elite the communication, execution and end result was. We are truly honored to be one of the first groups to have PDG designs in Houston, TX.”

Chris P. Images
“I cannot say one negative thing about this team. PDG is my new secret weapon. The journey itself was as impressive as the destination. They worked fast, professionally and truly understood exactly what I wanted; it shows in the Chrisp studios logo. I am looking forward to building and creating more with them.” 

Pulse Ventures
“PDG really supported our vision while creating a relaxed environment for open discussions on how it could be better. The design team was phenomenal at capturing what we were striving for. With excellent partnership and flexibility, the process was smooth sailing and our logo represents our business perfectly.”